India has always been fond of “Baksheesh” or as it is otherwise called “Tip.”

Obviously you shouldn’t be shocked to see people all around you urging to carry your bags in return of some money, and the best way would be to avoid them if you feel you can carry your own luggage while getting out of the airports or railway stations. A small tip is a gesture of showing your gratitude, a small tip is all that it takes to ensure a better service later. Starting from your cab driver to your hotel bell boy, everyone would smile and serve good in return for some bucks. Now since tipping is just a gesture and not any ruled recommendation, thus there are no such guidelines to it but obviously travelling stands upon the pillars of money and service so there are some things to know about tipping in India.

At Restaurants

Quite usually there would be a separate column in your bill as Service Charge that is not be confused with that of Service Tax. Service Tax is government mandated while Service Charge is basically a forced imposition. But still you can never be sure if the service charge you’re paying will actually go into the hands of the waiters, so to take care of that it is recommended to leave a small tip on the table for the waiter, for instance if the bill states your service charge to be 10 percent it is good to leave a tip of 6-7 percent.

At Hotels

You would obviously find someone running up to your car offering you to carry your bags just after you check in to a hotel. The bell boy or even the room service staff will always be good to you; even they do it in return for some tip. A change of 10-20 rupees is fairly good for every time any hotel staff comes to your service. This not only shows your gratitude but also ensures a better service for you from the next time. You can even do with a 100 rupees at the end of your stay. Though it is not mandatory for you to tip the person concerned for even the charges for the service are included quite responsibly in your bill, in that case all you can do is say a thank you with a smile on your face and simply walk away.

And some other places too

It’s always wiser to keep some change bills in your side pocket as that would spare you of the work of digging into your wads of cash in front of everyone. Tipping in India is omnipresent and is good to be a part of till the time you overdo it. Tipping is no bad but make sure you don’t create a bustle out of it for remember locales never tip.

A bill of hundred or two will be fairly good at the end of the day for the cab driver.

If you are staying at friends place where it’s the servant doing all the chores for you then it would be justified for you to part off with a hundred or two and tip the person with the money; even your friend will know the right amount. Just be careful for you’ll be in trouble if your tip is mistaken as bribe.

As there are no strict guidelines as how much to tip or even to tip or not, so tip as per the gravity of the service and your limits. Again it’s your call if you don’t want to tip, well in that case just say a simple thank you and continue your journey…


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