Travel Photography isn’t just restrited to magazines and/or calendar images. With the inception of Social Media the word ‘Travel’ has taken the internet by storm and there some who have through constant efforts and experience reached out to thousands of people with their stunning imagery and vivacious story-telling. This list is to give you the list of 10 such travel photographers from India, on instagram –

  1. Hari Menon (@harimenon4u) – If we talk of travel photography and don’t start the list with this man it would be a sheer injustice to the topic. The man known for creating several online businesses is now solely dedicated to photography. From the valleys of Ladakh to the coast of Kerala, you be sure this man has been there before you, taking photos depicting the India in all it’s possibly natural essence. Not just a great photographer but a visual poet as one can say, his photographs surely speak a lot more than thousand words. Facebook – Hari Menon Photography
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    Pratik Talreja (@sadak_chap) – If there’s anything like a ‘Social Media Star’, this Mumbai based photographer surely defines it. With a grand 70k follower stack on instagram this guy isn’t just a splendid shutterbug but also known for witty and humorous captions. He has been capturing Mumbai and wherever he goes to in a more vivid fashion. Great depth, beautiful storytelling with a touch of bitter humour is what makes Pratik Talreja a photographer to watch out for.

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    3. Siddhartha Joshi (@siddharthajoshi) – This guy can surely make you fall for all that’s archaic and ruined. Featured by CNN, NDTV, Shutterstock, Buzzfeed, Huffpost, Times of India, HT, Social Story, Mashable and Storypic this guy is also a TEDX Speaker. Travelling all over the Northern India and beyond, his instagram feed is nothing less than a collection of poetry of the forgotten, stories of the overlooked and always carries a rich aroma of the place where architecture is just something he cannot do away with.

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    4. Veronica Gera (@veronica_gera) – This Delhi based photographer is one of India’s most sought-after Street Photographers slowly taking a grip at fashion photography too. She is also possibly one of the youngest photographers around, capturing people and lifestyle of Delhi to splendid portraits from Benaras and Pushkar, great storytelling and beautiful framing are what makes her photos a pleasure to watch.

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    1. Abhinav Chandel (@abhiandnow) – This Macleodganj based photographer-writer very beautifully and vividly brings to us a taste of life in the lap of Himalayas. Having lived in Macleodganj, Dharamshala for over three years, his instagram feed is something to check out. Along with great photographs of the snow capped Himalayas, his life in a mountain town and the civilisation of Himachal Pradesh, his captions are all stories in itself. Sometimes about his own journeys across the state, sometimes about the journeys already taken long back and sometimes about a fictional girl (apparently so) Noor, his captions along with the photographs are perfect for those early evening coffee breaks when the weather isn’t too hot nor too cold, the mood not too good nor any bad!

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    2. Deepti Asthana (@deeptiasthana) – A young lady with a lot of good work to her name, Deepti Asthana has been featured in Al Jazeera, The Diplomat and HT Business Line for her outstanding work on social issues especially sharing stories of Indian Women. She also separately runs an instagram account @womenofindia . Being an avid traveller and a storyteller, she is also a photo mentor at Canon. What are you still reading? Go follow her.

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    3. Nitish Walia (@nitishwalia)– How about travelling the entire Himalayan Stretch (in India) virtually in a single gallery? Well, the answer is Simple, check out Nitish Walia (his gallery we mean). From the desert Mountains of Ladakh, the pristine Pangong to the happening evenings at Gangtok and the mystique Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim, his feed has it all captured so beautifully. He has been featured by National Geographic Traveller India, BBC Earth and conde Nast Traveller for travel photography. If you are in love with the Himalayas, he is the one to show you virtually.

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    4. Dikshit Mundra (@dikshitmundra) – ‘I travel for a living.’ Is what his Instagram bio says. Dikshit Mundra’s feed is a breath of fresh air when it comes to travel photography. How often are we bored of the landscapes and architecture of the places been stereotyped in the name of travel? Well, to add some taste, Dikshit Mundra surely knows how to bridge the gap. From the fiery red deserts to stunning portraits and vivacious mountains, this guy brings out the intrinsic flavour and culture of the places he visits. He has been often featured by NatGeo Traveller, Lonely Planet and 500px. He also runs an instagram page by the name @streets.of.india which is again India’s one of the most followed instagram pages on travel photography.

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    5. Nimit Nigam (@nimitnigam) – This Delhi, based photographer surely knows to portray celebration through his photos. Be it a simple landscape, a star trail in the Himalayas or just random people he bumps across while travelling, they all speak aloud their own tale of delightful living. He also runs an youtube channel where he reviews camera gadgets and accessories. Featured by Natgeo Traveller, Etihad Airways, LG Mobiles and 121 Clicks to name only a few, his gallery is a must-follow on instagram.

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    6. Rufus Reynolds (@ramu.ka.ka) – His instagram bio says a lot more than we can ever here, ‘A motorcycle. A backpack. A Dog. I’m happy.’ Enjoying a huge 70K following on instagram, this man, Rufus Reynolds, mostly known by his username Ramu Kaka is famous for his stunning landscapes and lifestyle photos along with captions full of wit and humour. He is a master at telling stories and making you laugh in the end.

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